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New Listing: 5010 Buckingham Rd in Boulder Colorado

frontBoulder’s best buy on BEAUTIFUL light and bright, end unit townhouse.

Awesome features include:

Over 1000 square feet with ATTACHED 2 car underground parking garage. 

An A/C that will knock your socks off !!

 Also includes a  large shaded private patio, which is south facing. Great for outdoor dining and bbq’s.  patio

All newer and updated appliances, and the washer and dryer are included!   Read all about this great deal on an affordable home.

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Rockygrass – is that some kind of new weed?

Well – in Boulder Colorado  it could be!  With over 40 dispensories, growers, in home care services and herbal medicine shops just in Boulder alone with ” medical marijuana” names such as Bubbua Kush or Blue Dream.   iStock_000010938018XSmallNope!   In fact Rockygrass  isn’t something you plant or smoke! It’s a bluegrass festival in Lyons Colorado that happens every year in July. Lyons is located 15 miles north of Boulder Colorado and the festival is held at Planet Bluegrass Ranch on Hwy 35 just northwest of Lyons.  Just 25 minutes from Boulder and 1 hour from either Denver or Ft. Collins it’s known as one of the best bluegrass festivals around the country.   Three Days of sun, music, river wading and floating, good food, camping, and exquisite scenery!   Check out this years music lineup! – Doc Watson, Sam Bush, Tim O’Brien, and Tony Rice, just to mention a few.  Read on for more info Read the rest of this entry »

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A farmers’ Market in Boulder

For the pick of Boulder Colorado’s finest grown produce there is only one place to be….  If you are looking for live music outside, I know where you should go…If you are interested in tasting some local flavors such as tamales and honey, the destination is clear….. Boulder’s Farmers’ Market.  The Boulder County Farmers’ Markets take pride in bringing you locally growniStock_000006978119XSmallvegetables, meats, fruits, flowers, plants, gourmet cheeses and wines sold by the farmers that produce them. While you’re purchasing your fresh vegetables and fruits (many of them organically grown) enjoy a tasty pastry from a local bakery or a meal created by local chefs.       There was a time when city grocery stores featured locally grown agricultural products. But as a demand for fruit and vegetable production increased, farms grew larger in size and fewer in numbers. Many growers decided to enter the wholesale business and abandon their seemingly less profitable retail stores.  In the Autumn of 1986, a small group of local farmers decided to organize a formal Farmer’s Market to be located in downtown Boulder, Colorado.  The site had to be permanent, highly visible, attractive, accessible and shaded. Boulder’s Central Park, located in the heart of the city, was chosen and the Boulder County Farmers’ Market was off and running!!!!!!

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Why Coldwell Banker? The Whole Story.

The Coldwell Banker StoryColdwell_Banker_LogoI’ve been on a lot of listing appointments lately with spring arriving here in Boulder Colorado and included in the listing presentation are reasons why to choose Coldwell Banker.  I, myself even had to ponder the reasons why to choose one brokerage company over another when becoming a real estate agent.   Upon intensive research and endless appointments with recruiting office managers, I went with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage and The Troia Team.  Here’s why I did and why you should as well.

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Mortgage Rates as of 4/20/2010

Here ya go readers and potential buyers.  Another update on the mortgage rates here in Boulder Colorado.  Not much has changed but a few numbers have.  Please check them out.

1) 30 yr is at 5.2 with no points and 5% even with 1 point

2) FHA 30 yr is 5.238 with no points and 5.138% with 1 point.

Also, I would like to inform you all about a unique program that only Coldwell Banker is offering.  It is a Pre-Purchase Rate Protection (PPRP).  It allows a buyer to lock a rate without identifying a property, and is good for a 90 day lock.  Every Coldwell Banker Mortgage customer gets the opportunity to enroll in the (PPRP) as soon as they receive a mortgage pre-approval decision from Coldwell Banker Mortgage.

So click here and lock in your rate today with a professional mortgage broker.

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Update on Mortgage Rates in Boulder

Here is the first of many to come.  The Troia team at Coldwell Banker will have frequent market updates for your convenience.  So please visit our blog frequently and stay in the loop. 

1) 30 year fixed conventional loan is at 5.22% with 0 points.  5% with 1 point

2) FHA 30 fixed is at 5.239% with 0 points.  5.149% with one point

For more info or to speak to a professional motgage lender please click here

Rates are Climbing

Rates are Climbing

The cycle of mortgage rates tend to consistenly rise slowly with large unpredictable and infrequent drops occuring occassionally.  Most likely, tomorrow’s rate will cost you more than today’s.  So lock in a loan today and you will save tomorrow.  Pick up the phone and call a qualified professional real estate agent with the Troia Team and lets find you a home.

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Cities surrounding Denver, Come Join Us!

Cities offer us bright lights, night life and excitement.  All things you expect from the city.  However, not all of us want that twenty four hours a day seven days a week.  For those of us who need to live near the city but not in it, the surrounding areas are the answer.  The Denver metropolitan area consistently ranks as one of the most desirable areas to live in the United States. denverOf course all our cities offer easy access to the 28 major resorts areas found in the nearby Rocky Mountains, which offers skiing, hiking, rafting, and camping, as well as beautiful and breathtaking scenic wonders… most are well within a two hour drive. Below are a few of Denver’s cities and reasons why you and your family might want to move there.

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Lafayette has “Spork” and Boulder has “Mork” –

 “Save Spork ”  I received an email last week with a link that you were suppose to click  ://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savespork/ .  Spork , a 10 year old miniature Dachshund was taken to Lafayette’s Jasper Ani20100224_023512_spork1_200mal Hospital to have a bad tooth extracted.   Spork is now up on “vicious animal charges” for biting a veterinarian technician.   The owner said that dog was just in pain and scared, and so far the family has spent over $6000 on fees involved with the ticket.  The courts will be reviewing the case in April 2010 and will decide if the dog should be euthanized or not.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Its a buyers’ market afterall, its a buyers’ market afterall….It’s a buyers’ buyers’ market!!!

The fallowing are all definition of a buyers’ market: 1) When the demand for property is less than supply so the advantages shift to the buyer.  2) A market which has more sellers than buyers. Low prices result from this excess of supply over demand.  Also soft market or opposite of seller’s market. 3) When a buyers’ market exists in commodities, the buyer is able to be selective in purchasing contracts, as there are many individuals wishing to sell. Furthermore, these buyers will generally be able to purchase contracts at lower prices than those that were previously prevalent. happyfamsoldhome

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Happy Happy Boulder

Big group of young jumping people.I’m sure you heard the good news  by now,  Boulder was rated the happiest and healthiest place to live in the United States.  This was according to a Gallup Poll and the Colorado Daily reports:

The new massive study of Americans’ attitudes and lifestyles concludes that Boulder is the prime U.S. location for general well-being and quality of life.

“The fact that Boulder is up there makes a lot of sense when you’re looking at what we know of happiness,” said Tim Wadsworth, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Colorado. “For example, health is huge, and Boulder is known for its high level of health.”

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index asked more than 353,00 Americans in 2009 about their jobs, finances, physical health, emotional state and communities when calculating the rankings.  Click here to know more. Read the rest of this entry »

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