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Real Estate And Lead Based Paint In Boulder Colorado

This is more than important information to know if you are buying, selling or renovating real estate in Boulder County and anywhere in Colorado.  As many of you know, if you sell or rent a home built before 1978, you must disclose that your home may contain paint that contains lead.  Not only is there a disclosure form to sign, but a pamphlet that highlights the paint’s risks, especially to children.  But did you also know that a new law will go into effect this month?  Read on to obtain this essential piece of knowledge.


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What Is An Eco Friendly Renovation? Part Two

green_buildingWhy is this information important? 

For several reasons: Being more conscientious is the way to be.  It’s the right choice.  The eco evolution is not only taking over Boulder but it’s blossoming throughout the world.  We drive Priuses, shop locally, and remodel with the consideration of the environment. 

You’re not only saving mother earth but yourself as well; indoor contamination causes health problems and the community is becoming more aware of its harmful risks. 

 It’s really not that more expensive to do a earth loving remodel and it will positively increase the value of your real estate.  Buyers are looking for those green qualities in a home so here are the basics. 


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What Is An Eco Friendly Renovation? Part One: Flooring

Recycled House

Just what defines a home remodel going eco friendly?  It’s important to know if you are a home buyer and a home seller.

If you are a home buyer then this will help you know what to look for when house shopping.  Sellers wanting to increase the value of their home and attract more buyers, need to be aware of what the new earth loving trends are.

Being a real estate expert in Boulder Colorado and Boulder County, we are witnessing a revolution in green building.  This is not a passing trend, but in my opinion, a change in how we build and remodel.

This blog is dedicated entirely to flooring! Yes, aren’t you lucky?  Eco flooring options are numerous and fun to talk about so let’s get started!

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New Family Cabon Monoxide Saftey Act in Colorado

fearwomanbehindglassMy friend is always asking me to “check” my carbon monoxide detector in my house and I said “I do”! The simple answer is,  I look over to see that the red light is still on and that no one is sick yet! Sounds a bit frivolous, but I don’t remember having a carbon monoxide detector in my house when I was little, more less when my kids were little. Any of this sound familiar to you? The scary part is that you usually hear on the news during the winter time about some poor family that perished because of carbon monoxide poisoning and they never realized what hit them.   Colorado’s  Gov. Ritter Jr. signed a new bill May 2009 that requires all existing single and multi family dwellings offered for sale or transfer (after July 1, 2009) to have carbon monoxide detectors. Read the rest of this entry »


What Is A Renewable Retrofit?


Photo by Bryan Bowen


Photo by Bryan Bowen

For starters, a renewable retrofit is not only economical and promotes energy efficiency but in Boulder Colorado, it is also trendy.  Picture an older home built in the 50’s or 60’s with its original appliances, outdated insulation, and air leaks.  In addition to adding solar panels, retrofitted homes include programmable thermostats, energy efficient appliances, icynene insulation, and heat recovery ventilators.  These photos are of a pop-top home in South Boulder Colorado that converted its 40’s built property to double the size while reducing overall utility bills.  Continue to read about home energy efficiency. Read the rest of this entry »

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For Sale by Owner – Buyers Beware

I recently had the unpleasant experience of dealing with a “For Sale by Owner” seller.  My buyer decided that we should look at a house that was listed in Longmont, Colorado. The Sellers representing themselves, paid a fee to have an agent enter the listinfsbog on the MLS system.  After viewing this home, my buyer decided she wanted to make an offer since the home appeared to be what she was looking for.  I cringed knowing that I would now be interacting directly with the Seller, although this shouldn’t be an issue, it was. I prepared the offer and submitted it to the Sellers, who then had tons of questions and their own opinions of Real Estate contracts and Real Estate Law. After several long phone conversations, I was able to educate these Sellers about the Contract and Contract dates and deadlines. We finally went under contract and my buyer was ready to perform her due diligence by getting the home inspection. As it turns out, this home had inspection issues, and had not been properly maintained. We submitted an Inspection Notice to the Sellers to correct many deficiencies. We also asked for documentation relating to radon, which the seller had in their possession. The Sellers refused to give us the radon documentation and refused to disclose the radon reading.  They also refused to correct most of the inspection items, claiming there were no problems and ignored the recommendations of our licensed Inspector. There were electrical issues, furnace problems, the roof had hail damage and there was much pet hair in the ducts and behind the appliances that needed cleaning. The Sellers refused to correct the inspection issues which convinced my buyer that she could not trust these people because they were not truthful and refused to disclose any adverse material facts about the home, such as the radon. Read the rest of this entry »

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Protecting our water in Boulder Colorado

Ecology Water

You’ve been searching for months and finally found a fantastic home on 2 acres with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths and have absolutely fallen in love with it.  What’s next?   A “good” Realtor will have already pulled the septic permit to see if it’s permitted for 5 bedrooms and low and behold it’s not!  You are OK with it being permitted for 2 bedrooms because after all it’s just you and your wife and one child and you’re not really going to use all 5 bedrooms.  A “good” Realtor will point out “what about resale”?  Hummm…,  I’ll let the next buyer worry about that you say to her.   Well that won’t fly anymore – not in Boulder Colorado. Read the rest of this entry »

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Don’t Let the Cat out of the bag

cat-in-bag.jpgWhen purchasing a home it is very important to have the home inspected for possible issues that might come up in the future. Many people do not realize the importance of a home inspection until it is too late.  But there are other reasons to have a home inspection done especially when you are dealing with REO or Foreclosure properties or properties that are being sold “as is”.   Read the rest of this entry »


Septic Systems – Does Fecal Matter?

You bet it does! With most mountain properties you are going to find that they use septic systems for their sewer waste. Some very important things to know before purchasing a property with a septic system are Read the rest of this entry »


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