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Miller Farms Fall Harvest Festival

harvesthandsThe family farm invites you to be a farmer for a day; spend the day harvesting and learning about Colorado produce.  Miller Farms has been in production since 1949 and they enjoy teaching folks of all ages about how produce is grown.  And what an awesome deal – the admission fee included harvesting plus all activities at the farm including the cost of the produce.   Spend the day at the farm (not far from Boulder/Lyons/Longmont), then go home to enjoy the taste of locally grown vegetables.  Some activities besides harvesting include barrel train rides, huge corn maze, antique tractors, real monster truck, giant dirt hill, and hay pyramid. 


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Fireworks, Parades, and Music; Fourth of July in Boulder Colorado

Fireworks clusterA lot of people are asking me my plans for July 4th weekend here in Boulder County and they are seeking suggestions for some outdoor fun.  I’ve compiled this blog in order to education the masses  on the not-to-miss events for this festive and time-honored holiday.  Let’s begin with Folsom Stadium Fireworks as this is the most well known of tributes to the red, white, and blue.  It begins when dark so be prepared to wait and keep the kiddos up late.  You can view the spectacular lights from the stadium itself, or find yourself a spot around town.  One popular gathering is Scott Carpenter Park.  It’ll be packed, so get there early and set up a chair or blanket.  The kids can climb around the playground and rocket ship while you wait.  Bring your sparklers!  Also included in prime locations for watching fireworks all over the county in one convenient spot – Chautauqua, Mt Sanitas, and Southern Sun Pub (I’m only kind of joking – it does have great views). There are so many Fourth of July events, your head will be seeing fireworks for months to come!

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eTown – 2 decades of hope and inspiration in Boulder

microphoneBoulder Colorado is well known for it’s musical prowess, it’s even been compared to Telluride, with a great small town feel and a real respect for the environment and healthy living.   eTown radio show, started 2 decades ago by Nick and Helen Forster,  saw an opportunity to bring together a diverse audience and provide  inspiration from the power of music as well as dialogue on social and environmental topics.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Connecting Kids With Music In Boulder Colorado


The Rocky Mountain Center For Musical Arts located in Boulder Colorado provides access to the best of the world’s music through education and performance.  Because their mission is to inspire and connect community member of all ages with the joy of music, they have an awesome summer program designed to connect children with music.  Some are directed at teens called “Masterclasses” and they are for advanced and serious middle and high school age students.  Your children will gain new insights into their instrument through performance and listening.  Instruments include clarinet, violin, french horn, and cello. The Center also provides access to rehearsals, free and open to the public! These occur at Chautauqua Auditorium.  You can just drop by to sample the excitement of live classical music in the most charming venue in town.  Any Tuesday through Sunday, 10am to 12:30pm. Read more about the opportunities for children of all ages and concert dates.

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Boulder Summer Camps

summer_camp_School is ending for the 2009-2010 year and with that comes the need to find childcare for the summer.  As a working mother in Boulder Colorado, I am always looking for a great summer camp or two around the county.  And since real estate is really picking up, I will need plenty of full-time child care.  Over the years, my children have attended YMCA, Science Discovery,  and Avid4Adventure.  These are all fulfilling camps providing not only supervision but stimulating activities as well.  Did you know that YMCA camps have been voted the best day camps 4 years in a row!?  Wow, you can’t beat that kind of award.  It’s nice to feel reassured that while your child is away for the day; that they are learning, having fun, and being well taken care of.  At the YMCA Day Camp, children can enjoy all sorts of adventure including archery, swimming, arts & crafts, field trips, and new friendships.  A wide variety of programs are offered for children ages 5-17, with special programs designed just for teens.  Want to hear about more camp opportunities?  Read on. Read the rest of this entry »

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A farmers’ Market in Boulder

For the pick of Boulder Colorado’s finest grown produce there is only one place to be….  If you are looking for live music outside, I know where you should go…If you are interested in tasting some local flavors such as tamales and honey, the destination is clear….. Boulder’s Farmers’ Market.  The Boulder County Farmers’ Markets take pride in bringing you locally growniStock_000006978119XSmallvegetables, meats, fruits, flowers, plants, gourmet cheeses and wines sold by the farmers that produce them. While you’re purchasing your fresh vegetables and fruits (many of them organically grown) enjoy a tasty pastry from a local bakery or a meal created by local chefs.       There was a time when city grocery stores featured locally grown agricultural products. But as a demand for fruit and vegetable production increased, farms grew larger in size and fewer in numbers. Many growers decided to enter the wholesale business and abandon their seemingly less profitable retail stores.  In the Autumn of 1986, a small group of local farmers decided to organize a formal Farmer’s Market to be located in downtown Boulder, Colorado.  The site had to be permanent, highly visible, attractive, accessible and shaded. Boulder’s Central Park, located in the heart of the city, was chosen and the Boulder County Farmers’ Market was off and running!!!!!!

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Rockies Baseball 2010



 The Troia Team Realtors of  Boulder Colorado love Rockies baseball.  Because we also love our clients, we throw a client appreication game day each year in which we provide free Rockies Tickets and a pre game party.  Last year it was held on the rooftop of LoDos, serving food and beer.  Then, we all headed to the game, providing free popcorn and snacks.  It’s always a blast.  Many of you have already participated  in a game, forever loyal to your local Denver team.  Read more about the Rockies season and history.



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Mortgage Rates as of 4/20/2010

Here ya go readers and potential buyers.  Another update on the mortgage rates here in Boulder Colorado.  Not much has changed but a few numbers have.  Please check them out.

1) 30 yr is at 5.2 with no points and 5% even with 1 point

2) FHA 30 yr is 5.238 with no points and 5.138% with 1 point.

Also, I would like to inform you all about a unique program that only Coldwell Banker is offering.  It is a Pre-Purchase Rate Protection (PPRP).  It allows a buyer to lock a rate without identifying a property, and is good for a 90 day lock.  Every Coldwell Banker Mortgage customer gets the opportunity to enroll in the (PPRP) as soon as they receive a mortgage pre-approval decision from Coldwell Banker Mortgage.

So click here and lock in your rate today with a professional mortgage broker.

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What Are You Going To Do Tonight?

oscarbluesLooking for entertainment tonight or this week in Boulder County Colorado?  Do you love to dance, listen to music, drink famous beer, and eat yummy food? Well, look no further than the all-famous Oskar Blues in either Longmont or Lyons.  One of my favorite attributes of the brewery is the live music.  Of course, many visitors love the beer including the all-famous Dales Pale Ale, which was voted one of the quintessential American hoppy pale ales of our time by BeerAdvocate.com. The intimate, 100-person capacity of the beloved juke joint gets you up close with the best musicians in Colorado and the United States. No wonder Rolling Stone Magazine called them the hottest place to be on a Saturday night in Colorado. Read what Oskar Blues has to say about themselves.

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Cities surrounding Denver, Come Join Us!

Cities offer us bright lights, night life and excitement.  All things you expect from the city.  However, not all of us want that twenty four hours a day seven days a week.  For those of us who need to live near the city but not in it, the surrounding areas are the answer.  The Denver metropolitan area consistently ranks as one of the most desirable areas to live in the United States. denverOf course all our cities offer easy access to the 28 major resorts areas found in the nearby Rocky Mountains, which offers skiing, hiking, rafting, and camping, as well as beautiful and breathtaking scenic wonders… most are well within a two hour drive. Below are a few of Denver’s cities and reasons why you and your family might want to move there.

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