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No Phone Zone Pledge



The Troia Team is supporting the newest initiative instigated by Oprah Winfreyherself.  NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING! While it’s a nationwide promise, we are honoring it here in Boulder Colorado as real estate agents and concerned members of our city.  It all began in a local community near our county, Fort Collins Colorado when earlier this year, Shelley and Daren Forney, lost their 9-year-old daughter. Erica, who was on her bicycle, just 15 pedals from her front door when she was hit and killed by a driver who was distracted by the cell phone. Erica’s death was senseless and stupid because it was caused by a phone call that just couldn’t wait.  Just recently I was driving next to someone who had both hands on their phone and their elbows were on the steering wheel…….”steering”!!?!?!? I was scared to be on the road next to him.  Read more about this important cause and help to prevent unnecessary deaths and accidents.

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Update on Mortgage Rates in Boulder

Here is the first of many to come.  The Troia team at Coldwell Banker will have frequent market updates for your convenience.  So please visit our blog frequently and stay in the loop. 

1) 30 year fixed conventional loan is at 5.22% with 0 points.  5% with 1 point

2) FHA 30 fixed is at 5.239% with 0 points.  5.149% with one point

For more info or to speak to a professional motgage lender please click here

Rates are Climbing

Rates are Climbing

The cycle of mortgage rates tend to consistenly rise slowly with large unpredictable and infrequent drops occuring occassionally.  Most likely, tomorrow’s rate will cost you more than today’s.  So lock in a loan today and you will save tomorrow.  Pick up the phone and call a qualified professional real estate agent with the Troia Team and lets find you a home.

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Examples Of Short Sale Financial Hardship Letters

helpYes, we can help! Short sales are increasingly common as new government acts have passed to find alternatives to foreclosures.  You are not alone.  The economy is tough in Boulder Colorado and elsewhere;  people are losing jobs and it’s been a difficult time in real estate as property values have dropped below mortgages owed on homes.  This makes it difficult to refinance and when it’s hard to pay on that mortgage, you find yourself in a dire situation.  Often times if you qualify, a short sale is a better solution that foreclosing.  It’s not as hurtful to your credit and the bank is willing to accept a payment lower that the borrowed amount in order to avoid foreclosure costs.  The Troia Team has written many blogs on the topic so if you feel you are a candidate for a short sale, let us know.  We can help.   Because we have covered the positives to a short sale and explained the process in detail, I wanted to use this blog to provide examples of short sale hardship letters.  These are necessary to submit to a lender when simultaneously submitting the other necessary documents that go along with a short sale request to the bank.  Click here for hardship letter examples.

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Lafayette has “Spork” and Boulder has “Mork” –

 “Save Spork ”  I received an email last week with a link that you were suppose to click  ://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savespork/ .  Spork , a 10 year old miniature Dachshund was taken to Lafayette’s Jasper Ani20100224_023512_spork1_200mal Hospital to have a bad tooth extracted.   Spork is now up on “vicious animal charges” for biting a veterinarian technician.   The owner said that dog was just in pain and scared, and so far the family has spent over $6000 on fees involved with the ticket.  The courts will be reviewing the case in April 2010 and will decide if the dog should be euthanized or not.   Read the rest of this entry »

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What Is An Eco Friendly Renovation? Part Two

green_buildingWhy is this information important? 

For several reasons: Being more conscientious is the way to be.  It’s the right choice.  The eco evolution is not only taking over Boulder but it’s blossoming throughout the world.  We drive Priuses, shop locally, and remodel with the consideration of the environment. 

You’re not only saving mother earth but yourself as well; indoor contamination causes health problems and the community is becoming more aware of its harmful risks. 

 It’s really not that more expensive to do a earth loving remodel and it will positively increase the value of your real estate.  Buyers are looking for those green qualities in a home so here are the basics. 


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Its a buyers’ market afterall, its a buyers’ market afterall….It’s a buyers’ buyers’ market!!!

The fallowing are all definition of a buyers’ market: 1) When the demand for property is less than supply so the advantages shift to the buyer.  2) A market which has more sellers than buyers. Low prices result from this excess of supply over demand.  Also soft market or opposite of seller’s market. 3) When a buyers’ market exists in commodities, the buyer is able to be selective in purchasing contracts, as there are many individuals wishing to sell. Furthermore, these buyers will generally be able to purchase contracts at lower prices than those that were previously prevalent. happyfamsoldhome

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Buying a HUD home? Confused? It’s not that hard!!

  So you are in the market for a HUD home.  What is HUD, where do I find the, how do I get one??????  This can overwhelm you and may seem confusing but trust me it’s not. 

Confused? Don't Be

Confused? Don't Be


If a loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration or FHA goes in default, the FHA takes certain steps to collect on their loan.  This may result in the lender taking possession of collateral real estate. If this happens the lender may submit a claim against the FHA insurance fund and convey ownership to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD.  HUD then in turn lists the property at market value and sells it as fast as possible.  Click this link for more info.  This is the exciting part.

Anyone can buy a HUD home, as long as they have an insured loan or are paying with cash.  To go and look at these homes call a local realtor who has NAID membership and a HUD key to get you into the home.  COLORADO REALTORS WHO WANT TO APPLY FOR A HUD KEY CLICK HERE. Just ask your realtor for details.  After seeing the home and deciding you want to make an offer on it consider yourself “in auction”, only electronically.  Your realtor will make an electronic bid for you within the bidding time frame.  Have your HUD contract 9548 (1/99) in front of you and get on the Internet.  Along with some basic buyer and broker information, this is all you will need to make your electronic bid. Read the rest of this entry »


What Is An Eco Friendly Renovation? Part One: Flooring

Recycled House

Just what defines a home remodel going eco friendly?  It’s important to know if you are a home buyer and a home seller.

If you are a home buyer then this will help you know what to look for when house shopping.  Sellers wanting to increase the value of their home and attract more buyers, need to be aware of what the new earth loving trends are.

Being a real estate expert in Boulder Colorado and Boulder County, we are witnessing a revolution in green building.  This is not a passing trend, but in my opinion, a change in how we build and remodel.

This blog is dedicated entirely to flooring! Yes, aren’t you lucky?  Eco flooring options are numerous and fun to talk about so let’s get started!

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Real Estate Investment: Do’s And Don’ts

Thumbs up and downInvestors and first-time homebuyers are often aiming for the same goal: great resale.  I witness it all the time; buyers who need a place to live who also want to make money someday.  It’s important to know the difference in real estate investment.  It’s not always for those of us who need to buy in  order to have a place to call home.  Yes, you should buy a place in which your investment will grow over the years.  However, you need a place that’s livable and suitable to your specific needs.  On the other hand, if your angle is profits and returnsand not necessarily a place to live, then you are an investor.  This blog with help you either way.  The do’s and don’ts of real estate investing in a nutshell. Read the rest of this entry »

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What Is A Renewable Retrofit?


Photo by Bryan Bowen


Photo by Bryan Bowen

For starters, a renewable retrofit is not only economical and promotes energy efficiency but in Boulder Colorado, it is also trendy.  Picture an older home built in the 50’s or 60’s with its original appliances, outdated insulation, and air leaks.  In addition to adding solar panels, retrofitted homes include programmable thermostats, energy efficient appliances, icynene insulation, and heat recovery ventilators.  These photos are of a pop-top home in South Boulder Colorado that converted its 40’s built property to double the size while reducing overall utility bills.  Continue to read about home energy efficiency. Read the rest of this entry »

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