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Flying High In Boulder Colorado

Need another reason to live in Dakota Ridge Village in Boulder Colorado? With the great views of the Flatirons, access to trails and parks, close-knit community, and shopping availability, you’d think you had all you needed. Well, you haven’t experienced this neighborhood fully until you’ve seen the brightly colored paragliders swooping down the mountain. Yes! Paragliders, right in your backyard. Just one more unique characteristic of Boulder and it’s extreme mountain living.

 I have enjoyed watching the paragliders for many years from my own backyard in North Boulder.  In the photo above, you can see Wonderland Lake.  It’s taken from one of the launches that Parasoft Paragliding descends from above Dakota Ridge Village.  Not only is it a welcoming sight for me to see the beautiful sails breezing down the foothills, but imagine what it’s like for the paragliders.  They have the most amazing views as they fly down.  As far east as the eye can see, along with the Flatirons, foothills, Wonderland Lake, and the wonderful city of Boulder.  Find out more. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wonderland Hills in Boulder, Co – Sales Statistics for Aug. 2008

Click the link below to view the current sales statistics for Wonderland Hills in Boulder, Co.

Wonderland Hills Sales Statistics


How Come I Can’t Find The House Style I Want in Boulder Colorado?


Maybe you have a “housing style fetish”.  Is there such a thing?  I bet there is!  Doesn’t your house style say something about you?   I think it does and it’s a wonderful way to express “who you are”  by personalizing the decor but also the decision to purchase a certain style of home says a lot too.  I recently worked with a couple from California who struggled with this whole concept for months.  Unless you are one of the people that can “visualize” the entire renovation of a house,  I completely understand.  They went back to California frustrated with not being able to find “their housing style” here in Boulder. Read the rest of this entry »


Wonderland Hills – Sales Statistics

Here are the current market data for Wonderland Hills.

Click on this link to view the graphs and data 

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