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Fireworks, Parades, and Music; Fourth of July in Boulder Colorado

Fireworks clusterA lot of people are asking me my plans for July 4th weekend here in Boulder County and they are seeking suggestions for some outdoor fun.  I’ve compiled this blog in order to education the masses  on the not-to-miss events for this festive and time-honored holiday.  Let’s begin with Folsom Stadium Fireworks as this is the most well known of tributes to the red, white, and blue.  It begins when dark so be prepared to wait and keep the kiddos up late.  You can view the spectacular lights from the stadium itself, or find yourself a spot around town.  One popular gathering is Scott Carpenter Park.  It’ll be packed, so get there early and set up a chair or blanket.  The kids can climb around the playground and rocket ship while you wait.  Bring your sparklers!  Also included in prime locations for watching fireworks all over the county in one convenient spot – Chautauqua, Mt Sanitas, and Southern Sun Pub (I’m only kind of joking – it does have great views). There are so many Fourth of July events, your head will be seeing fireworks for months to come!

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Real Estate Investment: Do’s And Don’ts

Thumbs up and downInvestors and first-time homebuyers are often aiming for the same goal: great resale.  I witness it all the time; buyers who need a place to live who also want to make money someday.  It’s important to know the difference in real estate investment.  It’s not always for those of us who need to buy in  order to have a place to call home.  Yes, you should buy a place in which your investment will grow over the years.  However, you need a place that’s livable and suitable to your specific needs.  On the other hand, if your angle is profits and returnsand not necessarily a place to live, then you are an investor.  This blog with help you either way.  The do’s and don’ts of real estate investing in a nutshell. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why You Shouldn’t Hire A Real Estate Agent!

 Just last week I received a call from a buyer who wanted to see one of our listings.  From our phone conversation alone, I could tell she had something against real estate agents.  Maybe she is always trite and condescending to everyone, but I didn’t think so. I had a feeling it was just directed at me. I took a long deep breath as I drove from our office in Boulder Colorado down to Denver where the bank owned property is located.   I tried not to make assumptions, entering into the situation with an open mind.  Of course, I brought other comps in the neighborhood that fit her criteria.  Several times I tried to turn this lead and win her over with my charm.  Of course she found me impeccably charming, but it unfortunately came down to this one response, “We don’t use real estate agents, we buy our own houses”!  This led me ponder all the reasons why you should NOT use a real estate agent.  Read more.

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How To Find Your First Home

Recently, I have met several first time home buyers in Boulder Colorado who are experiencing difficulty finding the real estate of their dreams.  Click once to zoom in.Couples who have everything in common find themselves disagreeing when it comes to home shopping.   While we have never ending similarities with our significant other, finding commonalities on house criteria vary tremendously.  What should first time home buyers do?  Let me help you begin. Read the rest of this entry »

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