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No Phone Zone Pledge



The Troia Team is supporting the newest initiative instigated by Oprah Winfreyherself.  NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING! While it’s a nationwide promise, we are honoring it here in Boulder Colorado as real estate agents and concerned members of our city.  It all began in a local community near our county, Fort Collins Colorado when earlier this year, Shelley and Daren Forney, lost their 9-year-old daughter. Erica, who was on her bicycle, just 15 pedals from her front door when she was hit and killed by a driver who was distracted by the cell phone. Erica’s death was senseless and stupid because it was caused by a phone call that just couldn’t wait.  Just recently I was driving next to someone who had both hands on their phone and their elbows were on the steering wheel…….”steering”!!?!?!? I was scared to be on the road next to him.  Read more about this important cause and help to prevent unnecessary deaths and accidents.

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